Virtual learning

The music plays on!

Online lessons 

Rebecca is now offering lessons in person, but if you wish to study virtually or long-distance, lessons over Zoom and Skype remain available.

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Submit your videos!

If you are worried about accessing Zoom, or have a limited internet connection, don't worry! Why not grab your phone or camera and make some recordings of your pieces. Submit your recordings here to receive a video response in return.

Zoom - Tips & Tricks

Having a lesson over Zoom is very different from your usual face-to-face lessons. It can be much more difficult for your teacher to hear and see exactly how you are playing, but there are things you can do to make this easier.

1. Camera setup

 Place your camera or device to the right of your music stand, as your teacher will want to see both your left hand and bow arm. Try not to stand too near the camera either - make sure your whole instrument and upper body are visible. Try and play in a room that is well-lit.

2. Microphone

Microphones that are built-in to computers and other devices can be very sensitive, especially to musical instruments. Make sure you are not standing too close to the microphone, as this may distort the sound. You can test your audio settings before you start the lesson, to check that your microphone is picking up the sound properly. Visit the Zoom website to find out more.

3. Patience

Depending on the strength of your internet connection, there may be a time delay between you

playing and your teacher being able to hear what you have just played. There might also be distortions or poor sound quality. Don't worry if the teacher asks you to repeat what you have just played - it might just mean they didn't catch it the first time! Don't be afraid of asking your teacher to repeat anything either.

4. Preparation

Because technology can be unpredictable, try to make sure that there is nothing else that could cause an interruption to your lesson. Have your music, notebook and a pencil ready beforehand. If you can tune your instrument by yourself, do so before the Zoom session begins. Try and setup your camera and computer in a quiet space where you won't be interrupted by other people.